Master Speaker Series: Kateřina Hašková ‘Women in Marketing’

This is the second in a series of lectures featuring working alumni from PCU’s School of Business.

Kateřina studied the MSc International Management programme at PCU and graduated with an honours degree in 2015. Her passion for marketing secured her first job at Jan Becher – Pernod Ricard, where she was in charge of Digital Communications and Events. After 2 years, Katerina joined Plzensky Prazdroj where she gained experience in several teams, worked abroad in Poland and finally made it to her dream position of Brand Marketing Manager for Pilsner Urquell.

Kateřina is currently working as a Senior Brand Manager at Jägermeister and specializes in marketing strategy. She believes that marketing is a dynamic, rapidly changing world, which brings new challenges every day.

Join Kateřina’s lecture and hear about her experiences working in the field of Marketing after completing her studies. Her positive attitude and tireless energy is sure to encourage anyone to work hard and succeed.

To join the lecture use this Zoom link:

Master Speaker Series: Graduate Lives, Lessons from starting a business

This is the first in a series of lectures featuring working alumni from PCU’s School of Business.

Victoria Kavunova graduated from BA (Hons) International Business Management in 2019. In partnership with Mariia Ahota, they founded Matilda Digital Agency in Prague.

Both began with a love of marketing and have turned their dream into a reality. Over the past 3 years their agency has worked with a wide range of clients, particularly in the area of Social Media Marketing.

Along the way, the Victoria & Mariia have had to learn a great deal to ensure their success, from operating in a different cultural environment, to hiring and managing people from a range of backgrounds and with different motivations.

In this talk, they will share what they have learned, provide advice and guidance to those considering establishing their own business, and show that anyone, who has a passion for their business can be successful.

To join the lecture use this Zoom link or be on Facebook at the advertised time:

Media Innovation Technology Series: Helena Třeštíková, film screening of Katka

Come to the screening of the award-winning documentary film Katka, meet the Director Helena Třeštíková and take part in a Q&A session.

Join online for this special screening and Director Q&A by using this webinar link:

Helena’s film Katka is an extraordinarily raw and uncensored character portrait of a troubled young woman living on the edge of human existence, desperately searching for love and salvation. Will she find it in the rehab? Will she find it in the arms of the man she loves? Or in the first cry of her long-desired baby? Tagging along with her through the back streets and squalors of Prague, Trestikova gets deep under the skin of a person most of us would cross the road to avoid, and shows us Katka’s profoundly human face. You might be angry with Katka, or your heart may go out to her. One thing is certain – you will never forget her.

Helen grew up in Prague’s Wenceslas square in a cultural and inspirational environment. She graduated during the Prague Spring and moved to Western Germany in 1968. While her parents visited her in Bonn, the Warsaw pact armies marched to Czechoslovakia. After returning from Germany she worked as a production assistant. In September 1969 she began documentary movie studies at FAMU. Society was going through a phase of disillusionment and depression. She searched for a theme to explore in such difficult times and was interested in the development of human characters and lives over a long-term period. In 1980 she began the Marriage etudes; following several husbands for six years. Using this method she also shot her other documentaries. Amongst the most famous are Katka, René, Marcela, Mallory and Lída Baarová – Destruction by beauty. She has won numerous awards for her documentaries and currently teaches at the FAMU.

Friday Show – Illustration and Graphic Storytelling

What happens when you transform a text into an image? What is lost and what is gained in this translation?

FADM students have been brainstorming and experimenting with different techniques, tools and styles to investigate the boundaries of illustration while preparing images for their favourite books.

Tune in to their Instagram account from 5pm on Friday or drop by PCU’s Polska Campus and check out the works in person (opposite the Student Lounge).

Prague City Architecture course

This free introductory course is open to PCU students, alumni and lecturers.

Over 10 weeks students will learn not only about architecture but also the history of Prague from the 10th to 20th Century. Hear fascinating stories, examine the decorative and applied art features and learn about the businesses behind the facades. Towards the end of the course students will undertake research and write a four page essay on a topic of their choice. On completion participants will receive a Certificate.

The lectures are created and presented by Alex Went and will take place every Friday at 2pm in November through to mid-December. The class will resume in January after the Christmas break.

There will be 10 classes that are 60 to 90 minutes in length. Classes can be taken in person or in the Digital Campus. 

Registration is essential as in-person spots are limited. Please register below to secure your spot in class or in the Digital Campus.

Supplementary Walks

Alex will be conducting 4 weekend walks around Prague to examine the city’s architectural treasures. This is open to the whole university and does not require registering for the Prague City Architecture course. Stay tuned for details of the first walk!

Friday Show – Adobe Illustrator

This is the third in the new series of FADM Friday Shows: “You’ve Got Mail!”.

Students from Foundation Art, Design & Media Practice will showcase different regions and worlds via individually designed postcards catering to a design brief presented to them by their lecturer following an intensive Illustrator workshop.

To see their work visit the FADM Instagram account below from 5pm on Friday or drop by PCU’s Polska Campus and check out the works in person in the classrooms opposite the student lounge.

Friday Show – Photoshop

For this exhibition, students have been asked to meditate on the annual theme “Be The Change” and to create a poster in Adobe Photoshop that applies this message to a song of their choice. The theme is a call for action. It is a call for students to wrestle with big questions, to be proactive in engaging with topics and issues they believe in. Problem solving is core to the design thinking process and to artmaking in general and this project is meant to get the students to meditate on the topic in relation to a song that they feel embodies its meaning.
Works will be uploaded to the FADM Instagram page from 5pm. You can also see the work in person at Polska Campus in the rooms opposite the Student Lounge.

Friday Show

Foundation in Art Design and Media Practice students have been learning painting and drawing techniques over the last two weeks.

Using a mix different techniques in order to copy masterpieces that they love.

Check out their work on the FADM Instagram link below from 5pm, or visit the classrooms next to the Student Lounge to see some of their work in person!