BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition: Terra Ignota

Graduating students from BA (Hons) Graphic Design invites you to a public presentation of their exhibition.

Doors open at 10am with individual presentations starting at 11.30am finishing with a musical performance.

The vernissage will officially open at 5pm along with the BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media graduates exhibition upstairs.

We will be live streaming the student presentations via Zoom webinar on our Zoom link.

Terra Ignota stands for unknown and unexplored places. Join us for our final exhibition and be the one who explores the unknown.

Presentations by:
11:30 – Mariia Berezina
11:40 – Anna Wackerle
11:50 – Kippeum Han
12:00 – Ademi Myrzaliyeva
12:10 – Barbara Vangeetova
12:20 – Hoang Trieu
12:30 – Mia Ritzer
12:40 – Carolina Tognonato
12:50 – Damir Bolatov
13:00 – Natalie Parisova
13:10 – Maryam Hashimli
13:20 – Dhruval Modi
13:30 – Alexandra Hercegova
13:40 – Ada Cervera
13:50 – Tamta Mamatelashvili
14:00 – Lizi Mishveladze
14:10 – Liza Barbakadze
14:20 – Teodor Todorov
14:30 – Oleksandra Liutova
14:40 – Mishele Daoud
14:50 – Lizi Liklikadze
15:00 – Nini Mishveladze
15:10 – Airu Horikawa
15:20 – Muna Abdallova
15:30 – Evelyn Franz
15:40 – Stanislava Houdkova

16:00 – Special guest performance from Marina Laduda a singer-songwriter known for her appearance on The X-Factor in 2014 and for pushing the boundaries of alt-pop music.

The Final Exhibitions for the School of Art & Design take place from 2.6.2023 till 4.6.2023 at Bishop’s Court and the City Centre Campus.

Be the one and explore the unknown. Save the date.

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Stay tuned!
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Friday Show: Typography & InDesign

For this week’s Friday Show, the students will combine their freshly obtained knowledge of font psychology and Adobe InDesign to create Emotional Manifestos and fantastic magazines about the sensitive world of complex feelings and ever-changing emotions.

To view their work visit the FADM Instagram page from 5 pm.

Friday Show: Sculpture & Installation

Start your weekend with a Friday Show exhibition!

This week the students will practice installation of their work in a gallery space at The Clay Society in Palmovka. For two weeks they have explored the world of materials, objects and their meaning. And on Friday they will present the results of their explorations, material testimonies of their being in the world. The exhibition will open to the public at 3.00pm and will run until 7.00pm.

So please drop by the The Clay Society or see student’s work on the FADM Instagram here that will be uploaded from 5pm.

Friday Show: Drawing & Painting

Painting involves communicating and discovering. Each time we apply colour on a surface we’re expressing our emotions, we’re playing or praying, we’re acting or we’re waiting, we’re thinking or we’re screaming….

This is the first in another series of Friday Shows. So visit the rooms opposite the student lounge to see first semester students from Foundation Art Design and Media Practice’s paintings and drawings influenced by painters from the past.

Or see their work in digital format on the FADM Instagram here that will be uploaded from 3pm.

ЯTUT’, BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media Graduate Exhibition

Come to the exhibition opening of ЯTUT’ and see graduating BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media students final work. The exhibition will run until 7 June.

The age of digital media. Transformation of one’s own artistic practice based on personal experience and outlooks on life. Gathered will be depictions of ideas, forms and thoughts coming to life through the eyes of individuals experiencing a changing state of their own environment in their own ways, unique to their identities. The way that one transforms experiences into art, figures out how to make it accessible to those around them through the use of virtual pilgrimages – a form of escapism, showcasing varying identities from all around the globe.

The title – ЯTUT’, possibly also read as “Ya Tut” (I am Here), is the word for mercury, and a reference to all of us coming together, molten into one single fragment. An explosive combination of minds with different views and ideologies. I am here. We are here.

Website: RTUT
Instagram: RTUT

Friday Show: Animation

Animation allows to work with different materials, techniques and be as creative as you like. For the final Friday Show of the Spring semester students will experiment with three different techniques: 2d, stop-motion and motion graphics.

Check out their work from 5pm on the FADMP Instagram page and be inspired!

Friday Show: Typography & InDesign

For this week’s Friday Show the students will combine their freshly obtained knowledge of font psychology and Adobe InDesign to create Emotional Manifestos and fantastic magazines about the sensitive world of complex feelings and ever-changing emotions.

To view their work visit the FADMP Instagram page from 5pm.

Friday Show: Interactive Art

For the past two weeks, students have been exploring how to interact with objects, images and people. For the Friday Show, students will feature documentation of the interactive exercises that they have executed – from video triptychs to interactive video walks and performative video installations.

Their work will also be uploaded to the FADMP Instagram page from 5pm.

Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Vestre

Vestre is a design-driven Norwegian outdoor furniture company that designs and produces outdoor meeting spaces for global cities.

Together with BIG, the architectural office of Bjarke Ingels, Vestre has just finished The Plus – hailed as next generation and as the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory located in Norway.

Jan-Hendrik Schlüter from the Berlin office of Vestre will present Vestre’s vision, story and the unique principles of The Plus.

Learn more about Vestre and The Plus.

Friday Show: Photography

Due to Easter this week’s Friday Show is happening on a Thursday!

Over the past two weeks students have learnt how to work with photography. Their Friday show is titled “Real Eyes, Realise, Real Lies”.

Visit the FADM Instagram page from 5pm today to see their photo essays and video work.