Explore your city: Prague City Architecture Walk 1 of 4

This informative walk lead by Alex Went from Prague Vitruvius is open to all PCU students, staff and lecturers.

Please meet at the lower end of Wenceslas Square, outside New Yorker at 10am.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week at Prague City University is your first chance to really meet the PCU community (staff, lecturers and fellow students), to learn more about studying at PCU, and to become familiar with the university and the city – if you have just moved to Prague. Our staff and current students will be on hand to provide useful information on living in Prague, getting around, dealing with any challenges, and helping you settle in.

For welcome week you can expect some fun events and activities to connect with the PCU community! Here is just some of what you can expect:

Orientation Day is your big welcome to PCU! This is an exciting day that allows you to meet new friends, learn about the school, and explore the neighbourhoods around the university campuses, either in person or virtually.

Your Academic Programme Induction is an event that will provide you with detailed information about the courses you will be taking, the grading system, the expectations from lecturers, and much more. This is also the time to meet your Programme Leader and fellow classmates!

For more detailed information visit: https://www.praguecityuniversity.cz/welcome-activities

Pragovka Open House: Kolben Open 9

Curious about Pragovka?

Take a tour of Pragovka’s art spaces including PCU’s studio spaces and enjoy performances, music and an art workshop as part of Kolben Open organised by Pragovka Gallery.

The day will include an open painting zone in the Pragovka complex, a guided tour of the building which will cover the history and present day. You can see work in progress films, open studios, enjoy a block of performances, and take part in  workshops. There will also be workshops and a theatre show for kids.

PCU student Irina Antonets will be creating a mural and performing plus the PCU studios will be opened showing Antonet, Adrian Bell, Celina Rosas Romero and Alexandra Vassic’s work. Alumni Jakub Grosz will also be presenting his work.

In the evening there will be concerts from Mutants look for a way out and Jesus Moves to Berlin followed by DJ Zagaashi.

Admission to the event is free. Refreshments and food available at Permanent Beer Fest and Kafe Pragovka.

For programme details visit Kolben Open.


Trashpacker Lecture: How do you turn a bin bag into a global movement

“Never underestimate the impact you can make by doing something small and simple,” says Tijmen Sissing, founder of Trashpackers.

Tijmen is a speaker, psychologist, entrepreneur and adventurer. He mobilizes people with his inspiring story about his backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

During his trip in 2018 he went viral with cleaning up a beach. Thousands of locals joined the cleanups of the Trashpacker on his Trashpacking Tours.

His initiative became a hype in Asia and the idea grew into a global movement with more than 400,000 kilos of litter cleaned up.

Tijmen will visit PCU on his train tour across Europe and you are invited to join his event happening within the #BeTheChange annual theme.

Programme of the Inspiration Session:

  • Presentation “The Story of the Trashpacker” (45 minutes)
  • Waste Walk – Clean up of Botič in the Folimanka park (45 minutes)

The Waste Walk will be followed up by an informal picnic at the Folimanka park.

You are welcome to join all parts of the programme or just the presentation.

To attend, please register here.

More about Tijmen

Within a year of his 2018 trip, his initiative grew into a global movement of more than 11,000 members. All the members together taught 23,850 children, of which Tijmen personally taught 5,665.

Consequently, he founded “Cruise 2 Reduce”, a co-creation with a Dutch waste collector. Cruise 2 Reduce is a recycle-bus with four machines that can be used to recycle plastic waste at any location into products such as planters and frisbees.

Besides that, Tijmen gives many inspirational talks at conferences, organizations and schools.

Psychological Workshop

You are invited to a psychological workshop led by a war-related trauma expert.

With many of us communicating with students and families in a challenging situation, this workshop is an opportunity to be better equipped for these interactions in the long-term.

The workshop will be led by Kateřina Honzíková, a psychotherapist with vast experience on war-related trauma and the founder of the project Trauma Prevention in Syrian Children in Refugee Camps and UNHCR lecturer on migration issues.

When: Thursday, March 31, 9am-12pm
Where: Blanická 003

The workshop is free for all PCU staff and lecturers.

Please register at filip.r@praguecityuniversity.cz

Spring Party

It’s been a while, the sun is shining! It’s the perfect time to hang out with other PCU students at our SPRING PARTY on the 8th of April.
Show us what you’ve got at karaoke (with a prize for the worst singer), play a round of CLAY pong, or go mad on the dance floor. We start the music at 7pm.
This event will take place at the student lounge is hosted by the music society (Unmute) and the clay society, and is sponsored by the student council.

Agora In Motion Party

AGORA is hosting its first event of the year: AGORA IN MOTION!

Join us to celebrate the publication of our 4th issue “MOVEMENT” and its contributors. It’ll be the opportunity for young creatives to network with local like-minded professionals and join Prague’s community of designers and artists. Dedicating ourselves to investing in ambition, creativity and potential, our purpose is to create a blooming creative scene where both fresh and experienced talents can cross paths.

Bishop’s Court, home to the School of Art & Design at Prague City University, will be our playground to explore the original content produced and curated for MOVEMENT in Augmented Reality. To complete the experience, we have a live performance in store for you from a local artist. Party animals can later join an afterparty with the Eclipse team.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite for the price of 130 CZK. You better hurry up as we’re limiting the number of guests to 150!

So save the date: Saturday, April 23rd, 18:30 at Bishop’s Court. We’ll see you there!

La bise :*

Sharing Circle on Ukraine

A sense of support and togetherness often has a significant impact on our ability to overcome difficult times. While some of us have a strong social support network, others may experience more isolation. Therefore we’d like to offer an opportunity for all members of the PCU community to come together for a Sharing Circle.

The Sharing Circle on Ukraine session will provide a supportive environment with a focus on respect for individuals thoughts, stories and experiences. A circle is a powerful symbol, and together, we aim to be a powerful source of support and community. The session will be led by trained facilitator, Filip Rosenkranc from Student Services.

To join please email: student.services@praguecityuniversity.cz

The circle will take place in Room 002 of the Polska Campus (Blanická entrance) from 3 till 5pm.

What is a Sharing Circle?

This is a traditional form of non-hierarchical communication that focuses on supportive listening, open communication, self-esteem, self-awareness, and mutual respect. Participants agree to speak one at a time, sharing their personal stories and experiences, rather than opinions, and listening non-judgmentally, while others do the same.

It supports a deep sense of community and fosters recognition of a shared humanity and interconnectedness. It enables individuals to give a voice to their stories, cultivate a compassionate response to anger, defensiveness, and violence, as well as strengthen emotional health and resilience.

Welcome Week

PCU’s week of welcome activities for new students. Details to come.

Spring Semester Starts