Trashpacker Lecture: How do you turn a bin bag into a global movement

“Never underestimate the impact you can make by doing something small and simple,” says Tijmen Sissing, founder of Trashpackers.

Tijmen is a speaker, psychologist, entrepreneur and adventurer. He mobilizes people with his inspiring story about his backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

During his trip in 2018 he went viral with cleaning up a beach. Thousands of locals joined the cleanups of the Trashpacker on his Trashpacking Tours.

His initiative became a hype in Asia and the idea grew into a global movement with more than 400,000 kilos of litter cleaned up.

Tijmen will visit PCU on his train tour across Europe and you are invited to join his event happening within the #BeTheChange annual theme.

Programme of the Inspiration Session:

  • Presentation “The Story of the Trashpacker” (45 minutes)
  • Waste Walk – Clean up of Botič in the Folimanka park (45 minutes)

The Waste Walk will be followed up by an informal picnic at the Folimanka park.

You are welcome to join all parts of the programme or just the presentation.

To attend, please register here.

More about Tijmen

Within a year of his 2018 trip, his initiative grew into a global movement of more than 11,000 members. All the members together taught 23,850 children, of which Tijmen personally taught 5,665.

Consequently, he founded “Cruise 2 Reduce”, a co-creation with a Dutch waste collector. Cruise 2 Reduce is a recycle-bus with four machines that can be used to recycle plastic waste at any location into products such as planters and frisbees.

Besides that, Tijmen gives many inspirational talks at conferences, organizations and schools.

Follow your dreams: Essential Business Skills training programme

On Monday at 10am, selected students will start URW and PCU’s Jdi za svým snem (follow your dreams) essential business skills training programme.

The programme is fully-funded by URW, allowing free training for people who wish to enter the job market, develop their employability skills and gain steady, long-term employment.

For three weeks classes will take place Monday to Friday from 9 till 12 at PCU’s Polska Campus and move for the final two weeks to URW headquarters in Chodov.