From Consumers to Creators: the re-birth of collective artistic creation in the era of GenAI.

From Consumers to Creators will shed light on Theta Noir’s concept that in collaboration with AI – and someday Artificial general intelligence (AGI) – the pendulum of artistic creation will swing away from individual self-expression and back toward the hive mind. Mika will be accompanied by Thetanoir co-founder Jakub Tranta. This “Archaic Revival”of community ethos and artistic…

AI Safety and Robustness

AI systems are becoming increasingly capable and general-purpose, and are poised to reshape our life on Earth in the coming years and decades. Yet, by default, AI systems are not safe: they are hard to interpret, they break in unexpected ways, and we don’t know how to align them with our values. In this talk,…

Data, AI and IoT

Data science and AI based on Kaggle exercises and school tasks seems easy. If you want a proper challenge, then check with real data. We briefly look at the challenges facing AI as soon as it is deployed with distributed sensors.

AI in Research: Navigating the double-edged sword of efficiency and ethical challenges

The presentation will explore how artificial intelligence can boost research efficiency while posing ethical challenges. It will examine how AI-powered tools (e.g., ChatGPT) can help with day-to-day research practice and how to use AI responsibly to enhance research without compromising ethical considerations.