Rethinking Creativity: Adapting AI into Our Artistic Process

Let’s get practical in this fast-paced journey from idea making into a finished marketing campaign. Dan – a seasoned VFX supervisor and self-proclaimed marketing expert – will try, and possibly […]

From Consumers to Creators: the re-birth of collective artistic creation in the era of GenAI.

From Consumers to Creators will shed light on Theta Noir’s concept that in collaboration with AI – and someday Artificial general intelligence (AGI) – the pendulum of artistic creation will swing away […]

AI/ML Principles for Virtual Production

3D stereoscopic projection/acquisition, optical tracking and VR

AI Safety and Robustness

AI systems are becoming increasingly capable and general-purpose, and are poised to reshape our life on Earth in the coming years and decades. Yet, by default, AI systems are not […]

Data, AI and IoT

Data science and AI based on Kaggle exercises and school tasks seems easy. If you want a proper challenge, then check with real data. We briefly look at the challenges […]

AI in Research: Navigating the double-edged sword of efficiency and ethical challenges

The presentation will explore how artificial intelligence can boost research efficiency while posing ethical challenges. It will examine how AI-powered tools (e.g., ChatGPT) can help with day-to-day research practice and […]