Rethinking Creativity: Adapting AI into Our Artistic Process

December 7, 2023 @ 15:00 - 16:30

  • PCU, City Centre Campus
  • A.I.Adapt

About Session

Let’s get practical in this fast-paced journey from idea making into a finished marketing campaign.

Dan – a seasoned VFX supervisor and self-proclaimed marketing expert – will try, and possibly fail miserably, to sort out the mess that is the current role of AI in a creator’s daily life. While building an advertising campaign together, we’ll take a look at which tools and techniques are here to stay, find out if prompt engineering is a real job and show the importance of understanding our craft before implementing modern tools.

This talk isn’t just about learning how AI is changing the creative landscape—it’s about having a good laugh while being slightly confused but thoroughly intrigued. Come for the knowledge, stay for the jokes, and leave with a ‘Kinda’ better understanding of AI in creativity!


Daniel Severa

Daniel Severa

Creative Director, TweakPost