Master Speaker Series: Željko Ivanković, The Cryptocurrency Challenge!

The School of Business is hosting a Master Speaker Series Lecture featuring Željko Ivanković, a political philosopher-economist and former editor in chief of Banka, a leading Croatian financial magazine and author who has written on the political economy of the digital age.

Master Speaker Series: John Kroonblawd; Project Management Leadership

The first MSS lecture for 2021 (which can be viewed in this article), featured John Kroonblawd, an international project manager who has enjoyed a 38 year career in leadership roles across sales, marketing, product development, business development and project management.

Master Speaker Series: Dr McCauley-Smith, Re-imagining good work in SMEs

Dr Catherine McCauley-Smith from Teesside University International Business School, will present new remote and hybrid work practices developed by The Centre of SME Development and the Institute for Research into Organisations, Work and Employment at the University of Central Lancashire.

Master Speaker Series: Graduate Lives, Lessons from starting a business


This is the first in a series of lectures featuring working alumni from PCU's School of Business. Victoria Kavunova graduated from BA (Hons) International Business Management in 2019. In partnership with Mariia Ahota, they founded Matilda Digital Agency in Prague. Both began with a love of marketing and have turned their dream into a reality. Over […]

Master Speaker Series: Charlie Pimenta, Graduate Lives

Hello, I'm Charlie! I started my adventure in Prague 5 years ago as a student at Prague City University studying MSc International Management. I managed to graduate within 18 months thanks to the intensive programme.

Master Speaker Series: Scott MacMillan, The Science of ending Global Poverty

PCU, City Centre Campus Hybernská 1009/24, Prague, Czech Republic

Scott MacMillan is the author of Hope Over Fate: Fazle Hasan Abed and the Science of Ending Global Poverty A former journalist, Scott served as the speechwriter of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder of BRAC. The story of Fazle Hasan and the organisation that he set up is remarkable. BRAC is responsible for 100,000 […]

Master Speaker Series: Hana Lešenarová, Meeting the Real Victims of Corruption and Bribery

PCU, City Centre Campus Hybernská 1009/24, Prague, Czech Republic

Hana’s lecture will be a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn first-hand about financial crimes explaining to students the social impact of corruption and bribery through relevant cases.
The problem of corruption is not only at the country level where it can be faced globally, but also at the individual level where single actions can play a role to prevent and counter corruption to develop higher resilience and foster integrity at all levels of society.