Creative Dock & AI

The presentation will highlight the company’s AI transformation, showcasing current projects and initiatives. Learn about the benefits, career opportunities, and how AI is shaping the future within our organization.

The trends of the IT industry for the next 2-3 years and what companies will be looking for

Amaris is an independent technology consulting firm providing guidance and solutions to businesses. They provide services in Information Systems & Digital, Telecom, Life Sciences and Engineering. Amaris has more than 1,000 clients and 6500 employees across the globe and have been rolling out solutions in major projects for over a decade.

Programme Break

AI & Space: Exploring the Future Frontier

Huld is a European technology design house with the vision of ‘Creating an Intelligent World’. They address today’s challenges offering digital transformation, technology and product development services, as well as Safety and Security solutions. They offer a full product development lifecycle from industrial design to software engineering. Huld have over 500 employees and offices in Finland and the Czech Republic.

World Community Connect: Making Art and Creative Process Accessible to the World

Based in Czechia, World Community Connect s.r.o. creates community art projects, personal storytelling ateliers, arts therapy, play therapy, workshops, site specific performances, exhibitions, documentary films, experimental videos, festivals, interdisciplinary events and other educational programs with communities across the world.