Coming Together’ in Different Times

We've been delighted to welcome our new and returning students from Prague, and all around the world, into their programmes. With orientation and classes underway, students are taking part in classes through the Digital Campus after a government order for schools and universities to teach all classes online. Despite this, we want to encourage the community to ‘Come Together’ for a series of exciting events and activities, starting with Friday's Welcome Party.

Friday Show – Photoshop

For this exhibition, students have been asked to meditate on the annual theme “Be The Change” and to create a poster in photoshop that applies this message to a song of their choice.

Prague City Architecture course

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10, Prague 2

This free introductory course is broad in content and will appeal to students and lecturers from all Schools. Participants will learn not only about architecture but also the history of Prague from the 10th to 20th Century. Hear fascinating stories, examine the decorative and applied art features and learn about the businesses behind the facades.

Master Speaker Series: Graduate Lives, Lessons from starting a business


This is the first in a series of lectures featuring working alumni from PCU's School of Business. Victoria Kavunova graduated from BA (Hons) International Business Management in 2019. In partnership with Mariia Ahota, they founded Matilda Digital Agency in Prague. Both began with a love of marketing and have turned their dream into a reality. Over […]

Anti-Corruption Measures to Accelerate the Progress of Sustainable Development Goals Conference

Institute of Czech Literature Na Florenci, 1420/3, Praha, Czech Republic

In alignment with International Anti-Corruption Day, and to advance progress of the Sustainable Development Goals, PCU’s School of Business have organised a special conference in Prague. Panelists are renowned professionals and academics from across Europe with the shared goal of combating corruption within businesses and governments. The conference will be held at the Institute of […]

Friday Show: Adobe Photoshop

PCU, City Centre Campus Hybernská 1009/24, Prague, Czech Republic

Today, our world is all about data. Making information visual and choosing the right way to show it is crucial. In our final Photoshop assignment, students explore a topic they're interested in and have the freedom to present and illustrate it in their own unique way.

Thursday Show: Photography

PCU, City Centre Campus Hybernská 1009/24, Prague, Czech Republic

This week students will present their work on Thursday. This is the culmination of their exploration of photography with dean of School of Art&Design George Allen, who is also a curator of their exhibition. See our student's artwork on FADM Instagram.

Event Series Friday Shows

Friday Show: Video Shooting/Editing

Online Event

Students of the Video Shooting and Editing course will use the combined visual and aural nature of video art to explore one of three thematic prompts: Lost, Space, and Memory; tune in to experience the new works from this exciting group of artists! Curated by Michael Lozano.