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STÆTICS Interactive Media exhibition

27 January 2016 @ 16:00

Prague College’s Interactive Media students invite you to STÆTICS, the final exhibition of international young artists exploring new directions in art through technology. Their interactive pieces immerse the audience into different cultures, personalities, styles and stories.

What gave you the idea for Staetics?

During our studies in this programme we have learnt an incredible amount, and the question was how to navigate the ‘noise’ and define a direction. Curating this exhibition in this space is not necessarily easy, but it has provided us with a challenge. We’ve had to learn to coordinate our work as a group as well as how to make certain compromises. The name ‘Staetics’ reflects the combination of white noise and a sense of the aesthetic.

You’ve chosen an urban environment for the project – why?

For our final year we decided to move out from our comfort zone inside of the College’s installations and embark into the unknown, by working only with what we had, to create what we wanted. After many bumps in the way we found a space that reflects this great urban environment for our ideas and installations. The fact that the
space is also used as a club helps us to attract different types of audience, to let them explore our work, to be more open to who we show our projects to, and at the same time it helps us to explore new ways of exhibiting art where normally is not exhibited

What kind of material have you been working with?

The show is based on the use of consumer technology for artistic purposes, to transform what we see on our daily basis – music, reflections, colours, etc.- into a
completely new thing, to give it new purpose and a different perspective for everyone to see and interact with.

Meet the artists and their work

‘Untitled’ by Lala Lutfalibayova

This installation intends to create an ephemeral light art piece presenting spectrum on blank white canvas shaped by a frame, using materials such as flashlight and optical prism. As dispersion phenomena causes different colours, the main idea of the project is to show how important light is in art, as it’s the only reason people see colours. Another idea of the work is to show evanescence of art, as if the visitors somehow step in and close the source of light, the spectrum on canvas will disappear. The reason canvas and frame are used is to present the piece as a parody on a classic painting, reminding us of continuity and succession in the field of art.

‘Perceptions’ by Michael Henriques

‘Perceptions’ is an exhibition gathering different symbolic videos, which invites the audience to embrace how one perceives our past memories in addition with our perceptions towards Art & Media. Two main videos come together as separate examples of how one can perceive life, be it through ones past memories and subconscious or how one can perceive media with the naked eye.

‘Mirrors Edge’ by Wayne Kratochvíl

A reflection is a very personal experience, and is usually constant. But what if this experience was changed or manipulated? How will perception change when confronted with a situation one is not accustomed to? I will create a four-sided space which the audience will enter one at a time. One’s reflection would be projected onto the walls of the space. However one will be unable to perceive oneself from the front. No matter which way one turns, one will always view oneself from behind. However, one‘s true (front) reflection will be facing one from behind. How will this experience effect proprioception? The system will create an infinity mirror, allowing one to glimpse into infinity. Begging the question, is our reality within infinite parallel realities?

‘Poems’ by Maria Hernandez

Poems capture life experiences, ideas and emotions in an imaginative and provocative way; figurative language lets them be interpreted in different ways but still keep the essence of the poem, which is wrapped and kept alive or vivid in each word.So for this project I want to transform the words into moving images that capture the essence of the poem, to enhance it and make it more direct so that it doesn’t matter in which language the poem is, people can still feel it or ‘get’ it.
I want to demonstrate the impact that poems can leave in people’s feelings, life or mind; and that poems are also art; a tool to express yourself and to inspire others.

‘Illumni’ by William Holm

“Illumni”s intention is to provide a form of creative stimulation for the participants. Inspired by the contemplative values of staring in to a fire, it promotes reflection, mindfulness and cooperation through a creative process that does not demand any form of skill or prior-knowledge, only interaction. As the flame, it´s shape is always random, it´s energy can hurt you, but will also keep you alive and it can guide you without blinding your eyes. It is a metaphor of a night around a camp-fire in the forest or mountains. Stranger or friend, nobody is not rejected from the protective circle of light and energy. It becomes a audiovisual canvas for the participants that they literally tune into.

‘ANIDUB.COM’ by Victor Taranuha

To aim is to produce a series of motion design advertisements for the website of the biggest anime society in Russia, Anidub online is a website which has 20 000 customers. In this project I make a series of motion design adverts: first an advertisement for a private social page of director (man who made anidub.com), and secondly an advertisement for anidub.online, the internet service of anidub, where customers can watch released anime without any downloading.

‘Untitled’ by Bruno Petrin

Bruno Petrin explores in his photography the idea that silhouettes can express thoughts, fantasies and reflections. A series of 14 pictures unfold each character and object’s stories.

‘STRINGS’ by Klára Volná

People nowadays are so concerned about connections, that they forget how we connected and formed relationships in the past and criticize how we make them today. The project is supposed to take experiences from the past and now and show them on paper in a simple harmony, where they are attached to red strings.
The small pieces of paper will have words written on them, to portray emotions, places, objects, etc. to show how complex the process of connection can be.


27 January 2016
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