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Mixed Metaphors

2 June 2016 @ 21:00 - 28 August 2016 @ 21:00

From June 2 to August 28, The French Institute and Prague College are pleased to present ‘Mixed Metaphors’, the second installment of exhibited work by lecturers of the Fine Art Experimental Media and Graphic Design programmes at Prague College.

Mixed Metaphors Vernissage


The first exhibition, ‘Mixed Messages’, took place throughout the month of May, and featured paintings and illustrations by eight of the college’s lecturers. This latest showcase of imagery highlights the photographic work of Krystof Kriz and Head of School George Allen.

The new exhibition provides a further opportunity to discover the active studio practice and creative interests of the artists and educators who help make Prague College the dynamic institution it is today. All are welcome, free of charge, to both the Vernissage on 2 June at 6pm, and to the event throughout the month.

Krystof Kriz: Oceanic Dreams Above the Stream

Water flows. Water leaves a mark in the anatomy of mountains for millions of years, only few years to paint. Water bears down as the borders close and open. Water is the soothing nectar of a holy temple. Water is. Water springs and is privatised. It reflects the gold shine of Metz. Water does not stream and it leaves deep trenches as scratches of the storm in the harbor when an orange cargo ship with rice sails on. Oceanic dreams above the stream…

Born in Prague in 1978, Kryštof Kříž is a photographer, artist, educator and co-founder of the Jain&Kriz studio/store. He gained his MA in Visual Communication in 2008 at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Science in Duesseldorf, Germany. As a freelance photographer and journalist, he has published and presented his work internationally. In the past, Kryštof has worked for a publishing house in Hamburg, the Czech News Agency, and IKON gallery UK. He has assisted Magdalena Jetelová and conducted photography workshops at Birmingham City University. He has been a guest lecturer at Erciyes University in Turkey, and a volunteer teacher in a village deep in the Indian Himalayas. He interest lies in the use of documentary for making allusive and narrative visual commentary to communicate with the viewer. Kryštof currently teaches in Fine Art and Graphic Design programmes at Prague College.

Princip, Surface of Himalayas, Pakistan, 122 x 61 cm
Nectar, Golden Temple, Amritsar, India, 83 x 56 cm
Triangle, Hamburg, Germany, 195 x 87 cm
Untitled, Metz, France, 195 x 87 cm
Cargo Ship, Hamburg, Germany, 195 x 87 cm
Pair, Duesseldorf, 195 x 87 cm
Horizon, Atlantic Ocean, Porto, Portugal, 195 x 87 cm
Rice fields, Punjab, India, 83 x 56 cm
George Allen: Scotoma

A scotoma, or “blind spot”, is a physiological phenomenon in which a part of a person’s field of vision is obscured or diminished in some way.  All people suffer from naturally occurring scotoma at the point in which the optic nerve leaves the eye. Surprisingly, there are different methods for allowing a person to “see” their own blind spots. Normally, we are unaware of the loss of vision as our brains either fill in the gaps, or choose to ignore the peculiarity.

The 9 images on display here are an attempt to relate this phenomenon to everyday situations and circumstances, to “mark” the unremarkable, by dramatizing the mundane or by giving the viewer a glimpse into otherwise private moments. In doing so, the viewer is given the opportunity to actively reflect upon these “non-moments” in order to mindfully clear them from periphery and bring them back into focus.

Born in Miami, Florida in 1976, George Allen is an an artist and educator who has been living in Prague since 2008. Prior to his arrival in the Czech Republic, he taught photography courses at VCU in Richmond, Virginia, while remaining active in the local film industry.  George received his MFA degree in Photography in 2004 from Virginia Commonwealth University, and dual BA degrees in History and Studio Art from James Madison University in 1999. He is currently the Head of the School of Art and Design at Prague College and a member of the Senior Management Group. In addition he continues to teach courses in the Fine Art and Graphic Design programmes at the College.  His current photographic work, ‘Scotoma’, is an attempt convey everyday situations and circumstances by dramatizing the mundane or by giving the viewer a glimpse into otherwise private moments.

Callie, Changing Room: 100 x 150 cm
Thomas, Bedroom:  70 x 185 cm
Timothee, Ventilation Shaft:  70 x 105 cm
Edward, Livingroom:  70 x 105 cm
Jonathan, Threshold:  70 x 105 cm
George, Doorway:  70 x 105 cm
Magdalena, Loft Space: 70 x 105 cm
Paul, Office Space: 70 x 100 cm
Robert, Entryway: 70 x 100 cm

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2 June 2016 @ 21:00
28 August 2016 @ 21:00
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