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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Final Show 2018

17 May 2018 @ 16:00

Prague College’s art and design students are pleased to invite you to view the results of their Bachelor’s Graphic Design and Fine Art programmes. And this year we have prepared a special offer: two for the price of one! Students from both disciplines ― Graphic Design and Fine Art ― will present their work on the same day at two fantastic locations – so you can look forward to a wide range of and ideas and creative presentations.

This year the Graduation Show starts with the openings of BA (Hons) Graphic Design students’ work in Bishop’s Court and of BA (Hons) Fine Art students’ work in Kasárna Karlín on the same evening, 17 May.

Opening times following the vernissage:

Graphic Design, Bishop’s Court: 18 May to 24 May from 10am to 6pm


Meet our designers – brief words from our students

Ain Rahmanova

Graphic Designer by nature, photographer in soul. Enthusiastic, experimental, opportunistic and dedicated – words that describe my personality the best. I prefer to talk less and do more,
turning alternative ideas into reality.

Almira Yausheva

I am a graphic designer, writing a blog in a free time. I cannot say what kind of designer I am because I believe that I am too young to specialize in one thing. The world of design is full of exciting media and techniques. Today I am UI/UX designer, tomorrow I might fall in love with Corporate Identity Design again. The only thing I can be sure in: I love design community, creative people around, and I am always eager to learn something from them.

Zuleykha Abbasova

I could’ve written about what is design for me, what style in graphic design I prefer, but you will see my works on this show anyways and make your own conclusions, so here’s the quote that represents my attitude to graphic design.

“Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions, there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”  ― Paul Rand

Florine Maudet

I’m a French girl, I’m 21 and I am currently a student in graphic design. Passionate about my job, I love doing creation, imagine a new visual or concept while improving the image of a brand. Photography, video and animation are areas that I practice regularly and for which I have a real passion. I don’t have one specialty, my mind is always open and I can’t focus on one area. I still want to discover new things and work on different projects with different supports, different techniques.

Veronika Bekfolli

Well, I am only 22 years old and there is not much to say about me. I was born in Siberia, but living in Europe changed my entire outlook on life. The more simple the human, the more beautiful he is.

Jakub Idziak

I am a Graphic designer who works on after effect animation and pixel art illustrations. Now i try to develop my skills in 3d Design and game design. I am interested in pop culture like movies, games, metal music and 80s music, book and comic books.

Lucia Ott

After my education at Designschule München and Prague College, I see myself as a communication designer in the cultural field. I’m interested in the intersection between communication design and the work of artists and cultural institutions, such as museums and theatres.

Maggie Jandová

As she was trying to write her own bio she realised that images speak louder than words… Go check out my portfolio. If the images don’t speak back to you, let me know, I’ll tell them to behave.

Alfred Tertrais

I’m just your friendly neighborhood graphic designer who tries to end up as a videomaker!

Alina Tremel

Communication designer focused on lifestyle and fashion industry / design research, currently I am working on conceptual photography projects with social/cultural backgrounds. I‘ve already been working on a three year fashion module on university in Munich (Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode), which mainly includes fashion design, styling and fashion photography. At the moment I am a fresh graduate of Ba Graphic Design at Teesside University in Prague. My preference would be a fashion/lifestyle affine company, who values an esthetic design, an open minded with great influences of different design areas.

Antonia Stangl

I studied communication design at Designschule München and finished my BA at Prague College. Now i want start working as a communication designer with focus on photography. My interests are in magazines and books and because of my experience with creating concepts based on design research for photographs I would love to work in the image team of an agency. My intention is to work with strong concepts and to use graphic design for social projects.

Andrea Wölfl

My education at Designschule München and Prague College offered to me, that I am especially interested in the gap between design and film. Therefore I focus in my work on design elements within movies, the promotion of movies, motion design, but as well the production of films from the view of a designer.

Fyodor Rashevskiy

An experienced different field of studies from graphic design, including basic craftsmanship, typography, illustration, motion graphics as well. In these areas, they are interesting that I can apply my ability and “innate strengths ” to develop interesting works.

Aidana Aidar

Graphic Designer, adoring Corporate Identity Design. I do clean and neat designs. I believe that a true Graphic Designer doesn’t have to be proficient in everything, he has to be an idea generation machine gun.

Soo Hyun

Feeling blessed to have the ability to transform ideas into visuals.

Nicolette Lewandowska

I finished the Designschule München as an educated communication designer in 2017 and studied Graphic Design (BA) at the Prague College/Teesside University afterwards. I’m interested in the mix of graphic design and social critical topics. I want to speak through design and change people‘s minds and show them new ways of thinking, especially with magazines (Editorial), UX, strong strategies and concepts, I want to reach every person.

To accomplish this aim I would love to work in a great team with different points of views and create with the sophistication of a strong solution and a high class outcome.

Alyona Demisheva

My career as an illustrator has begun in a kindergarten. That was the time when I started drawing, and haven’t stopped till this very moment. I believe, drawing allows to express yourself through your work, and can tell a lot about the artist. Though, in five years I can imagine myself doing something drastically different. There is yet so much to explore. In my free time I am freelancing and enjoy making posters.

Frantisek Kusovsky

Multidisciplinary designer helping people to develop their vision through graphic design.

Hannah Wiesner

I am a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Design from the Teesside University in Prague and a graduation in Marketing Communication in Munich.

For four years I have been working as an art director in the Munich based design agency Abel&Stone parallel to my studies. Therefore I have varied experiences in print and online projects for large corporations to small non-profit organizations, from high-end and traditional to artistic and experimental conditions. However, what fascinates me most are strong ideas and concepts, as well as exciting layouts and photography.

Kim Neff

I love to tell stories – for this I use illustrations, comics, and videos. It is important to me to find ways to create interesting and contrasting concepts – picture and text don’t always have to be synonymous.

After sharpening my video editing skills at Designschule München, and graduating there 2017, I got to implement my illustrative skills at Prague College. I am happy to leave with a newfound sense of possibility of combining these two favorite fields of mine more thoroughly in the future!

Olena Ivanchenko

I’m a mixed-media graphic designer and illustrator, interested in animation and constantly exploring new techniques. I like to challenge myself and always try to discover something new. Currently tamering pixels in Butterflies&Hurricanes studio.

Jennifer Nguyen

After studying communication design at Designschule München with major focus on typography, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, as well as my passion for editorial and web design, at Prague College.
Besides that I love working on conceptual projects and try out new things.

Daniel Dreyer

Entrepreneur from Denver using graphic design as a tool to create new opportunities.

Elizaveta Kolupaeva

Russian artist performs illustrative design approaches.

Anja Glonner

I am a currently graduated and passionate communications designer. I love imaginative visual and conceptual design and I am interested in the method of Design Thinking. After three years studying at Designschule München with focus on typography and layout I know improved my branding and ux/ui skills in my BA year at Prague College. Now I am looking for exciting work experience.

Fabian Spiering

After finishing education at Designschule München and Prague College, I am a graphic designer with focus on concept based working in editorial design, branding and illustration. Not damaged by the cruel mechanisms of the creative branch, my energy is unbroken and I am super hungry to finally work.

Daria Gertseva

A multidisciplinary designer with varied cultural experiences striving to find the most creatively powerful and effective ways of solving macro challenges through design thinking.

Benjamin Linke

I am a Munich graphic designer with a passion for individual designs, typography and illustration. In addition to my studies in communication design, I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for four years. I‘m very open about my future and where I‘m going. The most important thing for me is to work creatively.

Iva Borisova

I am a visual storyteller using Graphic Design tools to create my work. I love print design, magazines and working with paper. I strive to make an ordinary day extraordinary through depicting moments and creating stories walking around with my camera. Then I turn these everyday inspirations into painting textures and vector illustrations. I am continually looking for new challenges in order to enrich my experience.

Minh Nguyen

Hello! My name is Nguyen Quang Minh, but my nickname is Minh, so you can call me Min. I was born in 08.07.1994 Hanoi, Vietnam. So I’m 23 years old now. I live in Prague and my hobby is illustration, graphic design, sports and traveling.

Milos Raznatovic

Man from Montenegro who loves to draw.

Kaciaryna Pikirenia

Graphic designer, who is focused on typography, illustration and editorial design, while also interested in literature, linguistics and semiotics – what turns her into a book designer mainly.


The Graphic Design show opens at Bishop’s Court at 5pm, and is followed by the vernissage of the Fine Art programme at Kasarna Karlin at 8pm. At both you can enjoy our showcase of versatile projects, created during the students’ BA studies.

You can look forward to a wide range of and ideas and creative executions. And we will be around to talk about our work and to celebrate our efforts together with you!


17 May 2018
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PCU, Bishop’s Court Studios
Biskupsky dvůr 1147/6
Prague, 11000 Czech Republic
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