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BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media final show 2015

11 May 2015 - 15 May 2015

This year’s BA show is entitled ‘Disorderly Notions And Other Inconveniences’ and runs from 12 to 15 May at MeetFactory, the contemporary art gallery in Prague 5. All are welcome to the vernissage on 12 May at 6pm, or to come and see the exhibition later in the week.

Ten emerging artists will present artworks in various fields of experimental art, including video, animation, painting, photography, post-internet art, computer game, interactive art and sound design. The concept reflected in the title contains the realization of how different from each other in their techniques and approaches these artists are; however, almost all of them deal with inconveniences in the broad sense: psychological, demographical, conventional inconveniences of living in society, working as an artist, experiencing everyday life.

Using various tools, the artists will lead the visitors through their reflections on issues that are important to them, bothering them, moving them to create artworks. Some of them don’t like to think of themselves as artists but confess to using art as a medium of communication and expression. Come to take part in this conversation and share your thoughts.


Meet the artists:

Laura Luna Castillo
Choreography of objects moving in the space merging time in sound is one of the main topics explored in Laura Luna’s installations. Repetition and noise play an important role in the construction of metaphors about frustration, anxieties and aimlessness.

Juraj Gabriel
Storytelling has become a priority in the development of each photograph. Symbols lead to the hidden meanings of this photo set. In this work the author underscores the gravity of decision and shows the effects of individual responsibilities.

Kristýna Hrdličková
In animations and videos Kristyna enjoys experimenting with expressive colors that influence perception of the whole piece. She looks for infinite stories in our ordinary lives and creates simple loops presented in four installations.

Filip Krásný
Phobias and therapy form the cycle of Filip’s painting process. A phobia is accepted and adopted through the creative process, and recycled into an object or a painting. His work consists of series of narrated paintings and recycled, mostly neglected objects.

Tadeáš Marek
His passion is experimentation with combining various media forms to create  interesting new art pieces. He values freedom and opinion, and so his goal is to create art that is not alibistic.

Elina Osipova
Putting personal matters into a publicly exhibited piece, embodying them into an independently-existing object helps Elina to find relationship with complex issues and herself as an artist and person in general. She works with installations, using video, animation, sound, and interactive interfaces.

Filip Růžička
What not to include is just as important as what to include. Filip Ruzicka’s approach strives for a clear–headed conceptual experience that lets the virtual world clash with the physical one, questioning the internet user’s role in shaping our global village.

Matěj Šenkyřík
Matěj Šenkyřík enjoys working with various media. The topics of play, mystery, boundaries in communication and artificial (un)intelligence are present in most of his current work. He likes to work with nonlinear narrative structures and create situations that are never the same.

Charlotte Vackova
Charlotte focuses on a clean visual aesthetic. Now she presents video installation exploring the roles of those who observe and those who are being observed in infinite loop; she also presents video art discussing self-consciousness. What connects these separate artworks is the use of minimalistic principles and symbolism.

David Vojtovič
David Vojtovič creates short films based on his and other people’s personal life situations presented in an unusual way by which he tries to cause in people certain emotions that some have never experienced before.


11 May 2015
15 May 2015
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