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Anachronic Exercises: experimental media workshops

19 October 2018 @ 10:54

AE_PosterAnachronic Exercises is a series of morning workshops conducted by Prague College’s second year Fine Art Experimental Media students. 

According to the organizers, ‘Together, we want to propose different ways of experiencing time, whether through sound, animation or the archiving of memories.’

To join us, pick YOUR favourite anachronic exercise from the following workshops and then sign up using this form


‘Artificial Intelligence writes bad music, just like an angsty teen’ by Orkida Braculla (maximum number of participants: 4)

This workshop aims to explore the digitization of sound-producing techniques. You will learn how to use synthesis in order to bring synthetic sounds as close as possible to the harmonics of analog signals.

Please bring your laptop, and a midi or synth if you possess one.

‘Time to waste’ by Anna Maslenko & Valeriia Yeromenko (maximum number of participants: 6)

Always liked animation, but couldn’t get your head around it? Using cutout animation technique we will show you basic animation principles and prove that it is NOT so difficult. No drawing skills required, only your imagination.

‘Future Imaginaries’ by Isabela Juchniewicz (maximum number of participants: 10)

Science fiction, as one of the most influential genres in mainstream popular culture, invites us to think about technology, consider the shape of the future and explore important philosophical questions. Together, we will discuss vital ideas sci-fi touches upon and create our own imaginations of the future.

‘Social media as an art tool’ by Anastasiya Kozyarchuk (maximum number of participants: 10)

This workshop will explore how media messages can be wrapped in different art forms and vice-versa. Together, we will attempt to create an art project using the social network only.

‘Archive my life’ by Taisiia Nafigina (maximum number of participants: 7)

This workshop deals with the processing of memories: remembering, forgetting and creating. Together, we will talk about and work with memory and its archiving.


19 October 2018
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